Search Success

Evaluate and improve your search performance

Don’t get lost in the depths of the internet. Search Success provides you with more data than the Google Search Console to help you stay relevant to your target audience. With extensive advanced filtering possibilities, and indefinite storage of your GSC data, Search Success helps you monitor, analyze and optimize your search performance to ensure top spots in Google.

Monitor important keywords with 100% real Google data

  • Search Success Score: get an overview of your performance in Google compared to the competition. This metric is based on click through rate and rankings, giving you an excellent gauge of your website’s search performance and allowing you to monitor improvements over time.
  • Easy Keyword Monitoring: add any keyword to your keyword monitoring dashboard to track the progress of the keywords most important to your business. See clicks, impressions, clicks and CTR. Categorize them with labels, and filter according to keyword, country, page, device, or label.
  • Keyword Alerts: receive an email as soon as a keyword of your choosing drops or increases in clicks, impressions, positions or CTR.
Anomaly Detection

Understand how visitors find your site

  • More data than the GSC UI: use our comprehensive reports to see clicks, impressions, CTR and ranking position over a chosen timeframe for queries, pages, countries and devices. Filter the data extensively with our advanced filters to derive concrete optimization measures.
  • Analyze changes: for each of your keywords, see how clicks, impressions and ranking positions have improved or dropped compared to a previous period, ideal for analyzing the effects of a Google algorithm update on your search performance.
  • Ranking distribution: analyzing how your keyword rankings are distributed across the Google search result pages is a great way to track the progress of your optimization measures. Analyze the distribution over time to see if you're on the right track.
  • Website relaunch: make sure you don't lose valuable organic traffic after relaunching a website. See which new keywords your website is now ranking for and which keywords have been generating less traffic compared to a previous period.
CTR Unterperformer Report

Identify ranking potential in Google

  • Keyword cannibalizations: see your keyword cannibalizations in a clear overview. These occur when multiple pages of a website rank for the same keyword, making it difficult for search engines to judge the importance of each page.
  • Underperforming keywords: the Underperformer Report shows you which keywords have a lower CTR than expected based on their ranking position.
Organic traffic KPIs

"This makes our work more efficient and helps our customers reach top rankings faster."

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